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Quererme en La Luz by Farrah Fang is officially available for pre-order and is the first chapbook in Abode's 2024-2025 lineup! 


Book Description: Quererme En La Luz is an unapologetic journey, a spiritual philosophy, a militant manifesto, a harmonious and chaotic retelling of the author’s experiences as a trans Latina navigating the gulf coast of Texas. This collection of poetry reflects the fluid divinity essential to trans womanhood while remaining grounded to the perceivable world and all its dangers, its trite wonders too.


About the Author: Farrah Fang is an artist, writer and performer. Her poems appear in The Odessa Collective, The Texas Review and Raspa Magazine. She is a Mexican-American trans woman from Houston, Texas and an advocate for trans liberation.


Praise for Quererme en La Luz


"In Quererme en la Luz the transexual faggy poetic voice stops licking the floors of the institutions that submit her into a minor yet hyper policed existence. Mouth to mouth, the reader comes across a tongue that enchants, threads and savours on the everyday joys of marginal life. These poems open wounds in my mouth that i can’t stop licking. These wounds are portals where i am assured that even after all the witch burnings, their knowledge and heaviness remain in the air for me to grab and dress myself with." - F. Tibiezas Dager, visual artist and author of Homosexual encounters with Pancho Jaime.


Offical Cover coming soon. 

ISBN: 979-8-9900598-0-1

Publication Date: 4/15/2024

Copies will officially be distributed on April 15th.  

Quererme en La Luz by Farrah Fang

Expected to ship by mid-April.
  • The earliest books will be shipped will be 4/15/2024 on the chapbook's official publication date. 

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